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    Thank you letters from various organizations

      Parkway offers one worship service each week at 11:00 A.M.

      Worship is participatory and authentic. The congregation, choir, and pastor all take part in making the service whole. The service moves from music, to prayers, to scripture, a sermon, back to prayers and music. Sometimes worship will be described as “traditional,” or “contemporary,” or “blended.” We would say, “Yes, our worship covers all of those.” The seating arrangement is stadium-like; there are pews, but tiered seating allows everyone a clear view of the room.

      We accept that not everyone will believe the same things, nor do we think that it is necessary to all believe alike. The practice of faith is what matters. What is that practice?   To love God and love your neighbor. Sermons during Sunday worship explore what it means to be Christian in today’s world. Parkway offers various Bible study classes to improve your knowledge of scripture and to shape your faith.

      If there is a particular concept in Christian theology you would like to discuss, reach to the church pastor.

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