Parkway is blessed to have adults who love God and love children and youth!   Parkway has in place a Child Protection Policy that we call Minors and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy.   ALL volunteers and staff submit to a Criminal Background Check.

Youth Education

     Echo the Story- Youth Building                                        Lou Lambiotte and Laura Neely

Youth Fellowship *New Schedule

Youth Fellowship is held every Sunday night, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., during the school year.  It is a time for the youth of Parkway to come together, share a meal, visit a charity, plan a trip, play games, and tak part in other purposeful activities while forgetting about their weekday stresses at least for a little while. *New schedule this year: The Children's Fellowship will begin at 4:30pm.  Youth, elementary-age children, and advisors eat dinner together and then the elementary children's evening will conclude. Middle, and high school groups will continue for a time of recreation, Bible study, mission activities, and other projects.  Youth Fellowship (Middle and High School) also go offsite for weekend retreats and mission trips, and participate in special times of fellowship such as:

Back to School Lock-In                                                                                                                                     Confirmation Class
Halloween Fest
Crop Walk
Mid-Winter Retreat
Hello-Goodbye Retreat
Hanging of the Greens and Other Parkway Family Advent Activities
Souper Bowl of Caring
Easter Celebration for neighborhood children
Youth Sunday
Youth Summer Mission Trip
Summer Camp at John Knox Ranch                                                                                                                             Swim Parties