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      May 7th - Worship Service

      Pray with us...

      Dear Parkway friends and family, as you know, we are starting an effort to UNITE us as a church family, RENEW our sense of purpose, and REVIVE our facility and our will to follow God’s leading. 


      Please lift this campaign up in prayer and take time to lift up our Parkway family to be a church after God’s own heart. 

      "So those who were engaged in the work labored, and the repairs went forward at their hands, and they restored the house of God to its proper condition and strengthened it."                      II Chronicles 24:13

      Our Prayer: 
      Lord, we ask that you UNITE us as a church family, RENEW us with new enthusiasm as your disciples, and REVIVE our ministry and mission as we follow your guidance.


      In Summary

      So those who were engaged in the work labored, and the repairs went forward at their hands,  and they restored the house of God to its proper condition and strengthened it.    

      2 Chronicles 24:13


      We will UNITE around a common core for ministry. 

      We must RENEW our church campus to allow us to make better use of this great resource.   

      We will REVIVE our passion for ministry as we plan for the future. 

      As Parkway plans for a transition in pastoral leadership, renewing the church building as an asset for ministry becomes a fresh priority. Air conditioning systems wear out, roofs age, and the ministry for which the building was designed has changed.  

      In attracting a new Pastor, much like attracting a buyer for a home, the church building needs to be looking its best. Our generosity to this effort means that the new pastor can begin engaging in the ministry of preaching, teaching, pastoral care, and leadership without being burdened with deficiencies in the facility. 

      UNITE, RENEW, REVIVE seeks gifts totaling $750,000: 

      • $300,000 to replace the air conditioning for Fellowship Hall, the kitchen, Nursery, and five classrooms. 
      • $50,000 to remediate the flooring in the Fellowship Hall. 
      • $175,000 to replace the 31-year-old roof. 
      • $25,000 to resurface the play area outside the nursery. 
      • $175,000 to remodel the Music Building 
      • $25,000 to add another unit to the columbarium. 

      Will you prayerfully consider making a generous three-year pledge to UNITE, RENEW, REVIVE? Together we can reclaim our Fellowship Hall and create fresh opportunities to welcome new people into our community! 

      Imagine what God can do if we all expand our generosity. Imagine what it will be like to once again hold church potlucks, youth gatherings, receptions, and other important community events. We are aiming for “equal sacrifice, not equal giving” and invite you to join with us in this vital endeavor.  

      Prayerfully ask God to direct you to a giving level appropriate for your means, but one that will stretch your generosity.

      Giving Chart 2023

      Vision Video to UNITE, RENEW, REVIVE!
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      · What is Unite, Renew, Revive?  Unite, Renew, Revive is the name of our campaign to invest in our church by renovating and regaining critical ministry and fellowship space.

      · How much is this going to cost?  We seek to raise at least $750,000 — this is the minimum needed for the critical projects in front of us. The more we raise, the more we will be able to invest in our vision and our facilities to ensure that Parkway flourishes into the future.

      · It seems like the previous contractors should pay for our Fellowship Hall repairs—why are we doing a campaign for this? The Properties Committee is negotiating with the tile manufacturer and the company that did the actual installation. The installer will be responsible for taking up the tiles and installing the flooring once the moisture barrier is installed.  Parkway will be responsible for the process of sealing the concrete slab foundation to prevent moisture wicking through the concrete. We want to invest in our future and restore our Fellowship Hall as soon as possible!

      · Why now? Is this really the best time to take on a challenge of this size?  Absolutely! The inability to use Fellowship Hall has impacted our ministries significantly. Remember, Fellowship Hall has two problems that make it unusable: the lack of reliable air conditioning and the flooring. Also, Parkway will be going through a transition in pastoral leadership. We don’t want the new pastor to be saddled with overseeing repairs to the physical plant. Just like preparing a house for sale, we want to be able to attract the right person for the position and we want the upkeep of the building to be an asset.  Our ability to attract the right senior pastor will be enhanced if our finances and facilities are in working order. We want to move boldly ahead into the next season of ministry at Parkway!

      · What is the timeline? What are the key dates? 

      •  April 16—Campaign Kick-Off. 
      • April 16-May 28 —Every Sunday the sermon will focus on a different aspect of “The Paradox of  Generosity.”
      • May 14—Commitment Sunday
      • May 28—Pentecost, Celebration and First Fruits Sunday. We will share the total amount raised and bring as much of our giving as we can on this Sunday.

      · How can I give to Unite, Renew, Revive?  You can give through our normal giving channels (in person, online, through the church app).  If you have items you wish to donate, we are happy to talk with you about how to transfer property, stocks, etc.   

      · How long will I have to fulfill my commitment?  This is a three-year campaign and we hope to have all pledges fulfilled by May 31, 2026.

      · What if I need to adjust my pledge due to a change in my finances? Obviously circumstances change. Please call the church office and we can adjust your commitment.

      · Can I pay my pledge using assets such as stock? Yes, Parkway welcomes non-cash gifts such as stock and property. Please contact the church with any questions about this.

      · When do we start giving toward our commitments?  We will officially begin giving together on May 28; although, you are welcome to begin earlier.


      April 30th - Worship Service

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